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 “I found Doctor Root the most patient, kind and astute doctor I have met. He calmly and carefully diagnosed and then treated me in a way that finally helped my pain. As any suffering knows…it seems there will be no relief. Doctor Root gave me three injections so far and he was kind and very careful since my spine was the issue. I did have relief and still feel 90% better when I thought there would be no answer. I recommend his office and his guidance. I especially recommend his treatments.
Thumbs up…because now I can lift my arms and walk without pain.”
John P.
 “Doctor Root took time with me to run tests to help me understand where my arm and leg pain was coming from. Doctor Root explained my MRI and is helping me repair and manage my disk degeneration issues. I would recommend both doctors to friends and family.”
Bryan M.
 “I have been a patient of Dr. Villanueva’s for nearly two years now and I believe that, because of his care, I have my life back. Before I started going to him for my back pain and Polymyalgia Rheumatica my pain was in control of me. Now, I am in control.”
 “I can honestly say that my life has been changed forever because of the treatment that I continue to receive at Innovative Pain and Spine Physicians. I want everyone who has pain issues to go to this place because they/you will never be the same again. Get your life back like I got mine back.”
Erica F.
 “This doctor is so special!! He handled my line of inquiry with patience, & wisdom. He was very knowledgeable, as he turned on ‘lights’ with his detailed responses. He explained my condition and advised me of my options, and I left with tears of joy!!”
Anonymous Verified Patient
Patient Fusion
 Dr. Villanueva is a doctor who really cares. He is the first doctor I’ve gone to, out of many, who wants to get to the core of my problems. I have been seeing him for a year and I can honestly say I am better than I was back then. I have my life back.
Erica Verified Patient
Patient Fusion
 Dr. Villanueva knows his stuff, he listens and treated the problem causing my pain.
– Patient
 I have long suffered from a very painful condition. Dr Root is very attentive and always takes the time to answer my questions and concerns. Besides just pills, he has also offered several treatments that truly have helped me. Most importantly, Dr Root really cares about me and my well being.
– Patient

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