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 “I found Doctor Root the most patient, kind and astute doctor I have met. He calmly and carefully diagnosed and then treated me in a way that finally helped my pain. As any suffering knows…it seems there will be no relief. Doctor Root gave me three injections so far and he was kind and very careful since my spine was the issue. I did have relief and still feel 90% better when I thought there would be no answer. I recommend his office and his guidance. I especially recommend his treatments.
Thumbs up…because now I can lift my arms and walk without pain.”
John P.
 “Kind, caring, compassionate. What a refreshing experience. I’m preparing for my 23rd surgery and I made the decision to switch to a new posin management practice. I’m treated line a real person with real feelings and real fear. I can’t thank this office enough for the time Dr Root and his staff Tracey Have given me this far. In all my years I have never been made to feel this connected to a medical office
I’m grateful and I’m relieved. Thank you Dr Root for having integrity and for authentically caring about my success with tomorrow’s surgery. I’m in good hands now! If your in need of medical support please consider this practice over the other SFV boutique medical offices. No one is stuffy or snobby here.
Highly recommend Dr Root!!!”
Treci M.
 “Dr Root is the best doctor I’ve ever been to. He cares about helping me and explains everything in detail, in a way that I am able to follow. So HAPPY I found him!!”
– So happy I found this doctor
 “Doctor Root took time with me to run tests to help me understand where my arm and leg pain was coming from. Doctor Root explained my MRI and is helping me repair and manage my disk degeneration issues. I would recommend both doctors to friends and family.”
Bryan M.
 “I am a vet using the VA Direct Choice Program. Dr. Root was able to determine the cause of RA and a proper treatment. Using the VA would have been over 30 days to get an appointment. Thank!”
– Great Experience
 “Dr. Root is a fabulous doctor. He really spends time actually assessing my symptoms and finding the best ways to help me heal my pain.”
 “I have long suffered from a very painful condition. Dr Root is very attentive and always takes the time to answer my questions and concerns. Besides just pills, he has also offered several treatments that truly have helped me. Most importantly, Dr Root really cares about me and my well being.”
– Patient
 “I have finally found Dr. Root! BUT he’s far away now and I am so sad about this. He treated me in Santa Barbara for a year and was the BEST pain management dr I’ve ever seen in the 15 years I’ve been dealing w excruciating chronic pain. He took time, treated me like a human being and I actually felt like he was becoming a friend only bc he cared so much. Amazing w how many patients he’d see in a day and yet he always remembered me and what was going on in my life. I was so sad he left but also happy and excited for him to have his own practice. This dr deserves the best because he’s the best. And is truly missed in Santa Barbara! Always be honest w him he will never judge you!”
– Tracy
 “Dr. Root has been the best part of my struggle with Early Onset Alzheimer’s at 57 years old. With severe cervical stenosis, he takes the time and care in understanding my whole situation. It takes a caring person to listen, help and understand. He understands that Pain management is essential in my well being, from sleeping, walking, and daily living. Alzheimer’s would be a lot worse if he didn’t have me on pain medication, even though it does affect my memory to a smaller degree. I’d rather not have either, but he helps in at least one quality of life for me. He’s the best.”
Joseph C.

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